Welcome to IntegriScript

IntegriScript is Integritus Healthcare’s institutional pharmacy, located in West Springfield, Massachusetts. Not open to the public, IntegriScript is proud to exclusively serve Integritus Healthcare’s family of senior living communities and skilled nursing centers. Our main pharmacy distributes prescriptions to all Integritus Healthcare affiliates in Massachusetts.

Benefits of IntegriScript to our patients and residents:

  • Fast refills, provided right inside our own facilities
  • Commitment to safety and accuracy
  • Automatic Drug Dispensers, offering the advanced Pyxis technology typically found only at hospitals and select skilled nursing facilities
  • Integration of clinical and pharmacy services, including the development of formularies and a focus on medications for specialty programs like orthopedics and mental health
  • Remote access to the pharmacy system for clinicians and physicians, letting them reorder medications electronically for more efficiency and accuracy
  • More than 35 employees dedicated to just our patients and residents
  • Billing and ordering handled by us
  • Contracted with over 60 of the major pharmacy benefit plans and Massachusetts Medicaid, with New York Medicaid, Medicare Part B, and various managed care networks

To learn more about Integritus Healthcare, visit www.integritushealthcare.org. To learn more about